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When drugs are distributed, trafficked, or otherwise transported from one state or country to another, such activity will prompt a federal investigation and potentially bring serious criminal charges against multiple parties. Unfortunately, a federal drug investigation can result in federal charges brought against people who were not directly involved with the illegal activity or otherwise innocent altogether. In order to avoid conviction or a harsh sentence that includes a mandatory federal prison term, you must hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who handles complex federal cases.

If you or a loved one is being accused of federal drug trafficking in Virginia or Washington D.C., let Bynum & Jenkins Law build an aggressive and personalized defense strategy on your behalf to help you get the best possible result in federal court. Our Alexandria drug trafficking attorneys can listen to your story, conduct a thorough investigation of your case, and determine if federal authorities violated your constitutional rights or if there are weaknesses in the federal prosecutor's case against you.

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What is the Difference Between Federal & State Drug Crimes?

Drug offenses are often charged as state crimes; however, when a drug crime crosses state lines, involves multiple parties in different states or countries, or occurs on federal land, then the federal government has jurisdiction. On the other hand, drug crimes that only occur in one state or any amount deemed for personal use will bring state charges.

What is The Controlled Substances Act (CSA)?

The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) regulates the distribution and manufacture of narcotics, stimulants, hallucinogens, and depressants. There are five schedules or classifications according to each substance’s potential for abuse and accepted medical use. Schedule I narcotics (e.g. heroin, MDMA, LSD, and even marijuana) has the highest potential for abuse and no accepted medical use, while Schedule V (e.g. cough syrups and other over-the-counter medication) has the lowest potential for the abuse and the vast accepted medical use.

What are Virginia’s Drug Schedules?

In the state of Virginia, drugs are classified into six different categories or "schedules.' These include:

  • Schedule I Drugs – the most serious category of drugs because they have no recognized medical use, and have a high potential for abuse. Schedule I drugs include heroin, ecstasy, and LSD.
  • Schedule II Drugs – these drugs have medical use but have a high potential for abuse. These substances include methadone, cocaine, PCP, and methamphetamines.
  • Schedule III Drugs – Schedule III substances also have medical use but unlike Schedule II there is a lower potential for drug abuse. Drugs on this schedule include Vicodin, anabolic steroids, and codeine.
  • Schedule IV Drugs – This category includes drugs that have low incidences of dependency, such as tranquilizers and sedatives.
  • Schedule V Drugs – These drugs have even less potential for abuse than Schedule IV, such as prescription cough syrups containing codeine.
  • Schedule VI Drugs – These are the reaming substances that aren't listed in the previous schedules, but require a prescription from the doctor, such as antibiotics and nitrous oxide.

What are the Penalties for Federal Drug Charges?

Federal drug charges are not only punishable by harsh criminal penalties, but also a mandatory minimum federal prison sentence. For example, drug trafficking involving at least 100 grams of heroin carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years or ten years for at least one kilo of heroin. The maximum sentence for federal drug trafficking charges is life imprisonment.

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    Mr. Jenkins actively handles a variety of white collar crime matters in both state and federal courts. He is a graduate of the National Law Center at the George Washington University. Over the last 25 years Mr. Jenkins has successfully defended individuals accused of embezzlement, wire fraud , bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud , conspiracy , theft of government property, aggravated identity theft, and tax related violations . He has tried more than 100 jury trials. In addition, Mr. Jenkins litigates ...
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