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Federal Money Laundering Laws

Whether you are facing serious federal charges like drug trafficking, racketeering (RICO), or even wire fraud, it is not uncommon to be charged with other crimes, including money laundering. This type of federal offense involves acquiring money through criminal actions and then funneling the funds through a legitimate company to make the money appear “clean.”

If you are facing money laundering charges in Virginia or Washington D.C., let Bynum & Jenkins Law defend you against harsh criminal penalties. With 26 years of top-notch legal experience, our Alexandria money laundering defense attorneys know what it takes to protect your rights and freedom throughout the legal process.

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What is Money Laundering?

In order to convict someone for money laundering in the United States, the prosecution must show that the defendant concealed money in order to cover up the source, nature, location, and identity of the illegally obtained funds. This does not mean putting the money in a safe or another hidden place. Rather, money laundering involves depositing money in a bank or business to make it appear come from a legitimate source.

The government must also prove that the money originated from a specific federal offense, such as those mentioned above. If the funds did not come from criminal activity, the prosecution cannot obtain a money laundering conviction.

Types of Money Laundering Offenses

At t Bynum & Jenkins Law we help defend clients from all types of money laundering related offenses such as:

  • Illegal wire transfers
  • Structuring transactions to conceal source or value
  • Failure to report transactions over $10,000
  • Financial transactions from unlawful activities

What are the Penalties for Money Laundering?

Under federal law (18 U.S.C. §1956), money laundering is punishable by maximum prison term of 20 years. The greater the amount of money involved in the alleged offense, the longer the prison sentence and the higher the fines. Because of the seriousness of the charges you face, it is imperative to hire an experience federal criminal defense lawyer to fight for the best possible outcome. Do not wait to let the legal system play out and take proactive action to defend yourself with the help of Bynum & Jenkins Law.

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  • Robert L. Jenkins, JR. Photo
    Robert L. Jenkins, JR.


    Mr. Jenkins actively handles a variety of white collar crime matters in both state and federal courts. He is a graduate of the National Law Center at the George Washington University. Over the last 25 years Mr. Jenkins has successfully defended individuals accused of embezzlement, wire fraud , bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud , conspiracy , theft of government property, aggravated identity theft, and tax related violations . He has tried more than 100 jury trials. In addition, Mr. Jenkins litigates ...
  • Kenneth D. Bynum Photo
    Kenneth D. Bynum


    Kenneth D. Bynum, a native of Goffstown, New Hampshire, is a graduate of the George Williams College in Downers Grove, Illinois. Mr. Bynum earned a Bachelors of Science in both Applied Behavioral Science and Leisure and Environmental Resources Administration at the George Williams College in 1978. In 1995 he received the Alumni of the Year Award, the College’s highest honor. He received his Juris Doctor from Howard School of Law in 1983. While in law school Mr. Bynum was selected as a member of ...
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    Madison Gibbs


    Madison Gibbs graduated magna cum laude from North Carolina A&T State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communications, and earned her law degree from Howard University School of Law. Ms. Gibbs placed first at the 2017 William E. McGee National Civil Rights Moot Court Competition in St. Paul, Minnesota, was a Charles Hamilton Houston National Moot Court team member, and a Criminal Justice Clinic student attorney. The former Miss Black USA 2015, Goodwill Ambassador to Sierra ...

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